The CYHC is now available for both for virtual and limited face-to-face medical and counselling services at the NLC.

Virtual Service Hours


Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Contact Shannon

Text or call: 604-701-2059


Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Contact Brandi
Text or call: 604-819-4603

Neighbourhood Learning Centre


The Chilliwack Youth Health Centre (CYHC) has begun modified face-to-face mental health and counselling care at NLC.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00pm – 6:00pm (last drop-in time 6pm)

Face-to-Face with a Doctor

Tuesdays Only 1:30pm – 4:30pm

We have counsellors available for face-to-face (f2F) counselling at the NLC site. We also have a room set up for youth to access the privacy needed and/or the technology to access virtual services.

Youth will be expected to observe the NLC protocol (hand washing when entering). Masks will be available and rooms will be sanitized after each use.

Tzeachten Land Office


UFV Campus


Stó:lō Primary Health Care Clinic


Our Doctors

Dr. Melanie Madill

CYHC Medical Director

Dr. Scott Bakker

Dr. Christina Brooks

Dr. Niki Cohen

Dr. Darren Joneson

Dr. Ling Low

Dr. Megan MacKenzie

How does counselling at the Chilliwack Youth Health Centre work?

Counsellors are available to speak with young people about a range of concerns; anxiety, fears, and stress; depression and sadness; relationships with family and friends; schooling; substance use; grief and loss; suicidal thoughts; eating; sleep; sexuality; unhelpful behavioural patterns; and unusual thoughts, for example.

Counselling at our sites of the Chilliwack Youth Health Centre is provided by university students from a variety of programs such as counselling psychology and social work. All counselling sessions are delivered under the supervision of senior clinicians from helping agencies in Chilliwack.

A brief, solution focussed counselling model is employed. This is meant to focus conversation on the immediate concerns of the young person and to have them leave with a short term plan. Young people can come back as often as they want. They are not guaranteed continuity of counsellors, although on occasion this can be arranged.

Counsellors check regularly with our supervisors and if the presenting problems seems to warrant this, young people are encouraged to follow up with other counselling resources or mental health resources, either through Child and Youth Mental Health, other community agencies, our doctors, paediatrician or psychiatrist. If more intensive professional supports are required, our counsellors and their supervisors will recommend them and assist with making those links.”

Young people arriving at the Chilliwack Secondary, Neighbourhood of Learning site will be greeted by Brandi Carlow or one of our team members. Brandi is a Child and Youth Care Practitioner who will assist the young person to complete the necessary paperwork and be linked with an appropriate counsellor.

Our Counselling Supervisors and Consultants

Dr. Robert Lees, Psych

Counselling & Training Director
Chilliwack Youth Health Centre
Associate Clinical Team Leader
Child and Youth Mental Health
Ministry for Children and Family Development

Brandi Carlow

Program Manager

Dr. Steven Esau

Registered Clinical Counsellor, with a specialization in trauma and addictions counselling.

Manager, Addictions Programs & Chilliwack Health and Housing Centre
Pacific Community Resources Society

Mary-Anna Ennis, MA Counselling Psychology

Clinical Coordinator START Team (Fraser Health)

Duncan MacDonald, MSW, RCSW

Team Leader
Child and Youth Mental Health
Ministry for Children and Family Development

David Snook, MA, RCC

Senior Clinician / Consultant

Ross Hyde

CYHC Supervisor
Aboriginal Child Youth Mental Health Team Leader

Shannon Beer


Julie Thomason

CYHC Counsellor

Mohamed Jabbie

CYHC Counsellor

Rosemarie Fabijan, RSW MACP

Clinical Coordinator
Adult Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Helen Edwards, M.Ed. RCC

Deputy Executive Director
Chilliwack Community Services